Worldwide People Of God!

It seems that through much trial and tribulation one reaches the Kingdom of our father! Events seem to be picking up momentum. It is just 4 weeks till Passover and Satan seems to be enraged. As we go to sleep this Sabbath evening a lot of uncertainty is luring in the back round. The USSR seems to be back and the Malaysia airliner, a Boeing 777 seems to have disappeared right out of thin air. The latest seems to be less about a crash and more like a hyjack of a very suffisticated plane. Experts now think that the plane may have landed somewhere and the passengers are likely hostages. COG groups are spliting and brethren are being traded like stock. There have been a couple of notible deaths in UCG John Ross Schroeder and Peter McNair. Very difficult times for the people of God. Matt. 24 He who endures to thee end,  his or her end, shall live forever. What great words of encouragement. The Worldwide people of God will prevail against Satan’s bombardment of distruction. Gods’ people will overcome through trials and tribulation. We must stand fast and encourage one another daily while we can. Pray for one another that we will be able withstand the wiles of the Devil. Study and discuss scripture with one another that we may sharpen Iron with Iron. Let the bible scripture be our authority and let us fellowship in peace with one another.  

About Worldwide People of God

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