Without love where would we be Now?

As sinners we were without love towards God and man! We were living in darkness instead of light! Then one day we were struck with a glimpse of light and something inside of us came to realize the road we were traveling was leading us in the wrong direction. Our father who in past times spoke to us through his prophets now speaks to us through his only begotten son Jesus. The father brought about a promise that through the seed he would raise up one like Moses to deliver his called out ones from the bondages of sin. No one can serve two masters, know one can serve the light through darkness. Jesus the first human resurrected from the dead the first Human to receive eternal life, now sits and the right hand of his God and father as a mediator between Thee only true God and man. His obedience brought the promise of eternal life through his sacrifice. Our faith and the faith of our fathers is a gift from the father for whom he pre-ordained since the foundation of the world. Our faith is in that which is unseen and is manifested in the calling we have received. We don’t understand. “why me Lord” what have we done to deserve this greatest of gifts, but we press On towards the goal as the saints before us. Onward Christian soldiers, compares our calling with great tribulation like that of a brave and courageous warrior marching as to war! For it is Spiritual warfare in deed. The deceiver works at night and by cunning malnipulation he turns brother against brother and uses the doctrines of men to derail God’s called out ones… The people of God must put on the whole armor of God and taking every unclean thought into captivity. This way we can resist the devil and he will flee from us. Love is in the doing not the feeling!

About Worldwide People of God

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