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Things to Ponder Language to Understand

Shining light blog Author James Malm below. With my commentary in bold. Begin with prayer and then discuss the Lamb of God slain for sinners planed from the beginning of creation, and the Egyptian Passover in brief.( The Lamb, you and … Continue reading

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The practices and religion of Jesus the Jew!

1.Christianity- Made up religion from Pagan tradition not the practices of the man Jesus. 2. Judaism- Denies the man Jesus as the prophet messiah of scripture. 3. Islam- Denies that Allah fathered a son, therefore Allah is not the God … Continue reading

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Ex. 12:40 After 430 years The father raises up a Deliverer

When the father heard the cries of his people he raised up for them  a deliverer Moses. Ex. 3:7 And the father said:(To Moses) “I” have seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, For I KNOW THERE SORROWS. 8. … Continue reading

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Truth mixed with Error! Who’s fault? Who’s responsibility?

Terms not found in your bible! 1. The God of the old testament! 2, The one who became Jesus! 3. The God family! 4. The one who gave up being God! 5. He emptied himself of his Godhead! 6. When Jesus … Continue reading

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The most important Man that ever lived!

The most important Man who ever lived, wasn’t actually a Man at all, but a God, one of a triune Godhead who emptied himself of What? Phil. 2: Christ’s Humiliation and Exaltation (READ These verses several times carefully ) 5 Think … Continue reading

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Worldwide People Of God!

It seems that through much trial and tribulation one reaches the Kingdom of our father! Events seem to be picking up momentum. It is just 4 weeks till Passover and Satan seems to be enraged. As we go to sleep this … Continue reading

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Who Is John Galt?

Could he be the Elohim who became Jesus? Only the Demons know for sure! James 2:19 The two God’s that make up the one God of the bible except on good Friday, when a third unnamed (John Galt) Elohim makes up … Continue reading

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