The Covid 19 Effect

A new book called “Foretold the Covet 19 Effect” on amazon by author Anthony Bosserman looks at Zechariah 1:1-11 and its relevance and significance in 2021 Prophetic understanding. Is it possible that we have just witnessed the calm before the storm in prophetic events? Could this year be the realignment of world power and the fall of the west for its mounting sins and total disregard for biblical authority over our lives our conduct and our corruption? The Church of God that the father Jehovah established for his called out ones, on Pentecost after the resurrection of his son from the dead and whom he placed as king  and high priest is the only solution for todays problems. Perfect righteous judgement, 10 percent tax rate no property tax sales tax or hidden tax. No national debt, no poverty no two tier justice system, no politicians, no campaign promises, no viruses, One religion and One God and father of all Jehovah…Thy kingdom Come

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