What are Christians?

What are Christians?

I was breaking into a thought from Shinning light blog today about the pope. I commented that Mr Malm  doesn’t print my comments so I bring them over to wwpog, so people can see that Author of Shining light blog doesn’t print honest observations. Not really, the Catholic people in general are very nice people and do a lot of humanitarian work through out the world. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school for 8 years. My Aunt is a Nun since the 1950’s and has spent her whole life serving and helping those in need. Sister Joanne McCauley discovered that I had dyslexia in 1973 and was a pioneer in helping those who had it and is to this day in Seattle helping those who need it. What a wonderful blessing she was in my life and God uses so many people in different ways. Example God used HWA to bring James Malm to the truth! He could have used someone else, but he used HWA and GTA to teach people about his Sabbath and Holy days and to come out of this world. Many people have died in the faith in the last 60 years, that heard these truths spoken by the Armstrong’s. The devil is in the details! Satan has been allowed to pin brother against brother and fellowship against fellowship. The truth is all of the groups have blind spots including yours truly James Malm. But ego and being somebody always gets in the way. I like James and I’ve never meet him, I don’t agree with all his positions and he doesn’t believe in all mine. This was a great feast of Tabernacles and I was able to fellowship with four different groups in southern California. David Antion gave a great sermon on Judging Angels and said our Mission is to turn people to the scriptures, God is using many people to do his work. David said “Be faithful in our own responsibilities, do what you do well.” If you speak, speak well, if you teach, teach well, if you uplift, uplift well ect. David Holiday gave a great sermon on Grace and favor and pointed out that God gives us favor as well as grace, very well done. Ken Westby gave very encouraging words about our awesome God and father and his enormous love for all of his sons and daughters. Ken Westby has been preaching for over five decades and has seen and heard it all, yet he is a wise man with enormous love for all God’s people. But many of you will be surprised at who brought their A game in all categories, on the last great Day. Robin Weber gave the sermon of his lifetime, as I was sitting with my Rabbi friend in amazement, at how well Robin brought to life the Portrait of Eternity! I encourage all COG brethren to listen to Robin Weber’s enthusiastic message and dynamic delivery, of the finest Sermon I’ve heard since the split in 1995 and that’s a lot of sermon’s. “Speakers”, it is the poster Child for public speaking, I don’t know if its available on video, but I know it will be in audio. Liston and be inspired about God’s Sabbath and Holy Days. What a fantastic blessing it is to see and hear from many different groups preach God’s words to those willing to listen. Final lesson don’t think your fellowship is the only one out there preaching God’s word. Many preach it, the Armstrong’s did, but living it, is what is eternal life…Mark Bosserman wwpog blog

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