Back to Work Monday!

I don’t like Monday’s in general, I just like to keep that weekend High all the time what can I say!  So I ask the question that gets me back on track! What am I going to do today, to make it into the Kingdom of God? To make my calling an election sure. I am going to pursue the Christian walk, what ever way I can. So to start, we pray, that this day will be useful in the bringing about of the Kingdom of God. If you’re as tired of ignorant radio and TV commentators as I am, then turn them off… Stop listening to people who aren’t converted and have no real Idea what the father is working out here below. We always wonder if the end is right around the corner, I’ve thought that since 1969, its sometimes beneficial, other times, it’s a burden for making long-term decisions. Ever wonder what Jesus thinks, does he worry and wonder when he’s going to get back in the game. He must feel our pain watching our society fall apart and his responsibilities over his fathers churches as he see them, following the world mold of power struggles and infighting. Maybe he ask the father if now is the time, as he see’s the hopelessness around him. But then he knows that God will see us through and in his time and in his wisdom of when to sent his son.  May this day be the best day of your life, because its today don’t worry about tomorrow, ask God what you can do for him today. Live the Christian moment while you can…

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