Post FOT Blues

If your like me after the Feast of Tabernacles getting back into the swing of things can be pretty depressing! I’ve been just dragging my hip pockets all week-long, doing only what’s absolutely necessary, and I have so much to do! So what is the secret to coming out of the blues? Playing your guitar right, it can alleviate the pain a little and by you some time, or you could go get a prescription, there’s one waiting for you, or you can allow Gods’ spirit to see you through! That of course is the most difficult, but it is the only sure cure. As we draw closer to the end of the age and demand on our time, jobs, family and friendship, become more and more squeezed, we must call on our father and his son to see us through. They will never fail us, or leave us, we only leave them, because of time restrain in this busy world. The Lord God says have nothing before him for he is jealous. So all the above must be superseded by our relationship with God. I mention a lot, that we need to wake up with our first thought being, what am I, or you, going to do today, to be in the kingdom of God? It must be at the forefront of our mind and all else will be added to that concept. It will give us strength when were down, it will give us happiness when were sad. It is the most comprehensive drug ever created and its free, you don’t have to be rich to get it and you don’t have to worry about running out of it. God is all in all! So as we enter into the rest he created for us, from the beginning let us pray and be thankful that we have been accounted worthy to understand such a beautiful way, for this way is not in man, but in following our great brother Jesus who showed us the way… We have found the fountain of youth in Christ Jesus, let us drink of it while we still can and be ready to help others as the opportunity arises, that Gods’ glory might shine where darkness once ruled. Pray for thy kingdom to come and the fathers will be done on earth and in heaven… Amen

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