On the seventh day HE rested! Gen.2:2 Thank you Melvin Rhodes

Who was He? It doesn’t say, they rested, or we rested, Gen.2:2 And on the seventh day God(Elohim singular) ended His work, which HE had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Mark 10:6 has Jesus responding to the Pharisees verse 6. But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female. Jesus says! 9. Therefore what GOD has joined together, let not man separate.

Gary Petty told me back in 2000 that if Jesus wasn’t the God of the old testament and that he didn’t preexist, that would be the greatest discovery of modern Christianity. I agreed and pursued the journey. There where lots of bumps in the road Like John 1:1 John 8:58 Phil. 2:6 all which I have written about in this blog. But the article in the World News and Prophecy Aug 2008 History of the church part 4 by Melvin Rhodes was the missing dimension in this puzzle! It explains that three doctrines where changed in 1 day, 2 which we are all familiar with, Easter for Passover, Sunday for Saturday, and the big one was the son of God became, God the son! Which there is no scripture that uses that title. So HWA never understood, or looked into this apostasy. So with that information 5 years ago, I pursued my study and found the biggest mistake in COG history and the most exciting revelation that Gary Petty so rightly stated. The fact that HWA 60 years ago assumed that Elohim was plural, built a doctrine of two Gods on quick sand. It didn’t account for 10,000 singular pronouns expressing the father as a singular being. Which left us with a handicapped view of who is God. The solution and the prudent thing to do was to ask a Hebrew scholar what the rules of the Hebrew language are! So I did from several different people which I have quoted on this blog. Just to repeat the Hebrew language rules, if the adjective is singular(Beginning) and the verb is singular(created) then the noun(God Elohim) is singular. This is how the Hebrew language works. How Doctor Hay and the other so called scholars Dr. K.J. Stavrinides missed this, is just plain irresponsible. Making an assumption on the first and greatest commandment without language confirmation is unbelievable. Having said that, it has given the latest generation something to figure out. HWA got the cart in front of the horse! He used to say that the bible didn’t begin in Gen.1:1 but in John 1:1, in timeline yes, but he bought into the Trinitarian bible translations that made the word a person, instead of an It! William Tyndale bible 1534 look it up and other translations. So as I have said before this is a very emotional and deep seeded confusion led by yours truly, to keep you from knowing his creator and your creator, instead he has put in the counterfit Jesus the created to be the creator. Extremely cleaver, he couldn’t stop you from seeing the Sabbath as Saturday and the Passover instead of Easter, but he has deceived the COGs with this two god Nicean heresy almost without opposition. Ask yourself when you read Revelation 21:1-5 why has Yehovah God our father been separated from his creation for 7 plus thousand years Rev. 20:11 Sin? Who is creating the new Jerusalem and who is making all things new? 5 Behold, “I” make all things new.” Who relinquishes all power and Authority? ICor. 15:24 Then comes the end, when He (Jesus) delivers the Kingdom to God (singular) the father , when He puts an end to all rule and authority and power. Read the rest through 28 ,Only one God, Jesus God, our God, one Authority the father, that He the father ,may be all in all. Brethren were not going to get it all in one post, but surely this must stir up your God given spirit in you and cause you to take a look at the facts I’ve presented…

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