About wwpog= worldwide people of God

This is a site for the people of the people of God. It is not a church unto itself, all of us are united under the Sabbath and the Holy Days. This is the basic belief system that Jesus the Jew upheld. Matt. 5:17 ” Don’t think that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets.” This was the beginning of his ministry, letting us all know what he wasn’t going to do! All humans from the beginning are son’s and daughters of the father. He created us in His image. He wishes all of us to accept and love Him. He the father, gave us free choices and we live and die by them. The WWPOG is simply a place where Christians can call home. The bible is the answer for any of your questions? Conduct, Doctrine, prophesy, health, life and death, Eternal life, the resurrection’s and hope. If it isn’t in the bible then we don’t endorse it. This eliminates the doctrines and traditions of men! If it’s not in the bible, Just don’t do it. So our guiding principle is Gods’ word from his holy bible. Having said that, we should be aware that there are certain bias in translation and must be dealt with that in mind. Example most all of the translators over the last 5 centuries are Trinitarians and have altered mostly new testament verses to fit the extra biblical teaching of the Trinity, Christianity’s self inflicted wound, in which it has never recovered.

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