1967 The year the world changed forever!

In June 1967, a 2000 year old prophecy is fulfilled in just 6 days! Luke 21:24 “And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. In just less than 3 years the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem from the Gentiles. Whether this will have any significant meaning only time will tell. The amazing victory in June of 1967 can’t be underestimated, while  facing three armies from the southwest Egypt to the northwest Syrian and to the east Jordan. Truly the living God delivers on his schedule, the time and place for his prophecy to unfold. simultaneously here in the USA and in Europe, Satan is allowed to launch the destruction of the west and the beginning of the demise of the western civilization. Almost to the day June 1,1967 the Beatles’ release the life changing drug introducing album called Sergeant Pepper’s, which was a burying of the pop group known as the Beatles’ into this alter ego band. This became known as the mind expanding summer of love. The beginning of the so called free sex era, that we have been paying dearly for ever since. Even now in  2014 the effects of  adultery on a global scale can be felt. The era of the self was now underway in which everyone realized thru drugs that the self was all that was important and  what’s good for me out weighed what was good for the country. No longer was the private in the Jungles of southeast Asia going to fight for his general, he was going to be the general of his own survival and get home. A second lieutenant  had a life expectancy of 11 seconds in combat in Vietnam, he was fraged by his own men for survival purposes. Back home the kids were tuning in, turning on and dropping out. Husbands were having affairs with their young secretaries  while the wives were trying to figure out what went wrong. The racial issue was on the front page and with the murder of Martin Luther King, all hell broke loose all over the USA. Everyone wanted equal rights! Women were fighting back against the establishment securing their future that could no longer be counted on by the average man. Divorce skyrocketed and music grew more and more intense. It seemed at the time from 1967 forward that music was the answer to society problems and the new god’s were the Rock Bands leading the people further and further into drugs and disenchantment with the traditional values of America. What a cosmic turn of events in the summer of 1967!  IN which now in 2014 we can see the deadly results of political correctness replacing the Godly values of the constitution. This week with the announcement from the President of reducing USSR on the prowl one week later we can see the danger of extremely weak leadership, perverted vision and complete disregard for the constitution and the bible! Blessing and cures warning in Deut. 11:26-27 The father warns his people that if they do right, they will receive blessings, but if they if they don’t keep His commandments and go after other gods they will be destroyed. It applies today as well. I ask you how much time has he given us USA and Europe to turn back to Him. We have allowed the stranger to come among us and bring their gods in among us and turned away many from any serious form of worship. Mainstream Christianity is so weak, it follows the popular trends of the day and will be utterly destroyed by God HIMSELF. There are two paths you can go by, but while it is yet today, you can change the road your on. Start in Gen.1:1 and find your father watch how he handles his creation how he interacts with them and gives them time and leaders to guide them. He wishes that all come to know him and worship Him and he loved His creation so much he gave His only begotten son to be an atonement for all sin and to be a global example on how to serve and worship Him. What a God what a story… What a powerful prophecy in our lifetimes the end of the time of the gentiles right before our very eye’s unless of course you were distracted by the music and the drugs or the lust of the flesh!

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