The practices and religion of Jesus the Jew!

1.Christianity- Made up religion from Pagan tradition not the practices of the man Jesus.
2. Judaism- Denies the man Jesus as the prophet messiah of scripture.
3. Islam- Denies that Allah fathered a son, therefore Allah is not the God of Abraham.
The true faith streams thru The Church of God, the church that the one God and father of all commissioned his only begotten created son to lead, after being the first human being to ever receive eternal life. You can’t receive something that you already had!  Jesus our brother the first to ascend into the heavens directed us in Matt. 5:17 Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. Of course Thou shall not Kill is still enforced as the rest of the 10 commandments are. The Ten commandments are not rules to obey as a personal favor to Our creator father and God! They are the fundamental principles without which, mankind cannot live together. They are not laws- they are the LAW.
The fundamental practices of Jesus the Jew.
1.The Seventh day Sabbath to keep it holy
2. Abstain from unclean foods, Shellfish, pork ect.
3. The Passover the 7 days of unleavened bread
4. Pentecost
5. Feast of Trumpets
6. The day of Atonement
7. Feast of Tabernacles
8. The feast of the 8th day
9. Thou shall worship the Lord thy God (The Father) and Him only shall you serve Matt.4:10 Jesus commands us to worship His God     and Father and Him Only.
10. Preaching and reminding People that His Kingdom is not of this World. The Good News of the Coming Kingdom of his God and Father to relieve mankind of corrupt Satanic rule over there lives, to be replaced by love,10 commandments, The Sabbath rest for everyone on the same day, to stop and be led by the very son of our living father and God in true worship service .As our high priest Jesus will expound on the bible, giving us depth and meaning beyond anything  we have ever heard before. Maybe most important how to worship His God and His father, in a manner truly respectful and balanced between Spirit and Truth…John 4:24
  The Worldwide People of God (wwpog blog) are those around the globe who practice the above and of course there are more understandings than these listed and practiced such as heaven and Hell, The resurrection, eternal life ect. Which will be expounded upon in future Post.

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