Are you being passed over?

Ever wonder why you were passed over for a new Job, didn’t make first string on a sports team! I’m better than him! I’ve done all this extra stuff for my boss and I just keep getting passed over. Has this ever happened to you? Many are called few are chosen, the last shall be first. Narrow is the gate and wide is the way to destruction. Are these verses familiar to us?  Sometimes being passed over is a good thing! We read in Ex. 12:23 that the Lord will pass over those doors that have the blood smeared on the door post and lintel. So in this case being passed over means saving your life and your families. As we enter the Passover festival let us reflect on the times we have been passed over and as a result have received a blessing. Every year we celebrate the passover we are able to draw closer to God and be grateful that he gave his son as a sacrifice for our sins. I hope you have a great Passover and 7 days of eating unleavened bread.

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