The Sabbath, a Gift.

How many of us ever thought of the sabbath as a gift?  Isn’t the sabbath just a old testament stumbling block for people who don’t want to be told how to spent there time!Its unbelievable that most christians today think this way.  They think how am I going to play sports if there always on saturday? How can I please my boss or get a raise, if I can’t work on the sabbath! Haven’t we all thought these things, surely Jesus would have done away with this stumbling block, right? Wrong, Jesus said it is the doers of the word that will be justfied. Rom 2:13  Every good gift and every perfect gith comes from above from the father James 1:17 The most telling thing that seperates the sabbath from the other commandments is when it was instituted! In Gen 2:2-3 God rested and sanctified it and made it holy. The sabbath was made for man, at creation by the father as Jesus points out in Mark 2:27 It was the perfect gift from the ever wise father who new men would rule over others, treat them bad and enslave them, but the sabbath was the great equalizer of mankind. The rich and the poor the free and the slave, are all God’s children and equal on the sabbath. Can you see the beauty in our great God and fathers loving care for all of his creation.To humble the hauty, before the meek and teach us its not your station in life that makes you great, but your dedication to your heavenly father, who gave you life and a opportunity for eternal life, with him. When you look at the sabbath through this lens, it becomes much easier to believe it and keep it and love it, a day with our father and our brother Jesus, to realize this awesome gift the sabbath .

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