Worldwide people of God

Greetings to those around the world in the search of truth and original doctrine that Jesus the Christ adherd to. There have been many through the years that have tried to follow the biblical Christ and his teachings only to be side track by a very powerfull force known as Satan the devil. At this blog we will try to develope a foundation of the early church doctrine and how the corruption that erroded these words of God into silience and replaced them with the traditions of man…

    All questions are welcome and will be appreciated in the spirit of love. Over the course of the next year it is my goal to get this blog out to the people of God , where ever they are. This will be a way to united people in the sacred teachings of the bible without the troubles of man made churches…We seek truth as commanded in the bible to grow in grace and knowledge IIPet 3:18

About Worldwide People of God

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