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Its not about being saved from the great tribulation, that’s not why one is a Christ follower. It is about living like our brother, the man Jesus, having compassion for the sinner and helping them turns towards Jesus God and father. Jesus wanted to please his God and his father, he wanted to keep his fathers law perfectly and qualify as the sinless man,so he could be a sacrifice for the rest of his sinful brothers. Sure he new that by living sin free he would pave the way for his brothers and sisters and that he would be the first man to receive a spirit body and be resurected from the dead. ICor. 15:45 But he did have love and tolerance toward sinful men and women knowing himself the influence of Satan. Satan offered Christ the short cut to be the god of this world but he responded with a warning to all Matt.4:10 You shall worship the Lord your God, and HIM only you shall serve. Jesus only serves his God and recommends we do the same. James doesn’t understand this truth…

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