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Should a Christian being printing sensationalizam to be first? Sounds like National Inquire, James Malm’s shining light blog again takes the headline out of context to be first to slam fellow COG minster Gerald Flurry, only to redact and apologize after the fact. Sounds like the way Washington Politics are played. Malm then after apologizing, goes right back at personal attack on Mr Flurry. Then he ends his little rant by saying he is always in search of the truth. Mr Malm has hidden his peers from the pages of his blog all year long. When someone points out a scripture that contradicts what he wrote, then he just ignores it, is that seeking the truth?  He screens out those he disagrees with and you never see their arguments they raise against Mr Malm’s writing’s or statements that  his peers abject to. When Mr Malm says he seeks the truth, what he is saying is, his version of the truth and that’s not truth. Brethren the most difficult thing for anyone is to admit that they are wrong. Is that not the truth?

Shining Light blog below

“PCG UPDATE / CORRECTION:   On the issue of Flurry instructing people not to have children.

Gerald Flurry gave a sermon entitled “The Spirit of Antiochus” where he referenced Matthew 24:19 and said we could be coming to the place where he would be asking people not to have any more children, possibly in a year or two.  He did not actually forbid having children as of yet, however he did mention the issue causing some confusion in PCG brethren.

This comment was made in the context of declaring that the end is in sight, in order to extort more contributions from the brethren to finance his building projects.  PCG is now in dire financial straits due mainly to their worship of HWA and spending huge amounts for Armstrong memorabilia and trying to copy the HWA auditorium and the AICF programs which drained the WCG to financial disaster.  Following the disastrous policies of HWA has led to financial disaster for PCG.

As always I am committed to the truth, and I thank those who have written on both sides of this subject for their help in finding the truth so that it can be presented to the PCG and other readers of this Blog.” James Malm

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