Who is the mighty one of Jacob?

One might think that asking a good question might be a good thing, to a self-proclaimed bible teacher! The Worldwide People of God asked the author of the Shining light blog James Malm who is the mighty one of Jacob. Ps. 132:2-5 The father Yehovah Is. 49:26 Is 60:16 Strongs 3068 I the Lord (3068) am your savior and redeemer. Some think this is Jesus but the father saves thru Moses the redeemer of Israel and thru Christ His anointed one. But it is the father who does the saving. No one comes to me unless the father calls them! Mr Malm won’t print these verses or discuss them with his following. So as in all human ventures you can’t get all the verses in the bible, only the ones they understand!

Below Shining Light Writer James Malm

I began this work about six years ago; and I began this Blog in April 2010.

From the very beginning I have said that my agenda was to: wake up, stir up and challenge, to provoke or inspire and to encourage the brethren into a zeal to study, to learn and to keep the whole word of God. 

Further, that I wanted to share the understanding that has been given to me; and to restore what has been lost over the years; and to reveal new things, according to God’s promise that in the last days knowledge should be increased, Dan 12:4.

Finally, this work is a work of WARNING and turning people to a dedicated HOT zeal for God and his word!  

Reaching out to those who are willing to respond now, preparing the way for the coming two servants of God; and also warning the unrepentant who are about to be rejected by Christ, so that in tribulation they will remember that they have been warned and will in their hour of correction turn back to the Mighty One of Jacob.

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