Wars and rumors of Wars!

It seems that you hear a lot about war breaking out in Jerusalem at any moment! See that you not be troubled Matt 24:6 Most of the rumors of war come from COG groups trying to worry you, or make you feel like they have some insight you don’t, so you follow them or their blog wondering if this is the day all war breaks loose. If you are called by the father and are about your father’s calling he says don’t worry. There will come a time and only the father knows when the tribulation will begin. It shouldn’t cause us alarm if were living like Christ our brother growing in grace and knowledge. The kingdom is at hand means for you and me and all who have lived since Christ proclaimed it. The kingdom is at hand for us today to cease our opportunity to be in it. Some of us  and a lot of people before us have already secured they’re calling . So what’s going on in Israel is going on in Israel, with or without us. What’s important is that we read our bibles, study our doctrines, be ready to give and answer when the opportunity arises. When the father raised up Moses to deliver  his people out of bondage it was for our example and when he raised up a son it was for the same purpose to deliver us from the bondage of sin and to become son’s and daughters in his kingdom. I Tim 1:7 For the father has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind. So it doesn’t matter when wars come, it is going to happen, but the worries are with those who don’t fear the father and don’t keep his commandments.

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