In the beauty of the Autum Christ was born

In the beauty of the Autum Christ was born

Never before or never since Christ was born has someone existed prior to being born! Then died and was born again. Christians are told they must be born again. John 3:3-16 Then verse 16 uses the word begotten. (Monogenes) which is the greek word which mistranslated as begotten means “Unique.” The first Adam was created out of the dust of the ground, without mother. Sarah was barren but God opened up her womb through a miracle, but through Abraham in a normal sexual manner. No other human was directly conceived by God himself, yet carried in a virgin’s body. No man ever walked the earth so upright and righteous as Jesus, the unique son of God. ICor.15:45 “The first man Adam became a living being. “The last Adam became a life giving spirit. 46 However The spiritual is not first,(So Jesus was not a spirit or some being before his birth) But the natural, and afterward the spiritual. Read thru 49 We shall bear the image of the heavenly Man. Jesus was a unique man conceived in the womb, the difference from him and us is, his father was the God (John17:3)  of the bible the only one who is God and father of all. Yehovah Strongs 3068 the God of the old and new testaments. This is who we worship ,this is who Jesus worships and serves. I ask is Jesus Coming back to earth as God? OR is he coming back as king ? There is not one scripture that say he is coming back to be our God! But there is one scripture that says the father is coming back to be our God Rev.21:3 God himself (that’s as singular as you can get) will be with them and be their God. Jesus has been with us down here for a thousand years, I write you decide!!!

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