What is the purpose of the wwpog?

The Worldwide people of God is a global effort to bring Sabbath day and holy day people together. It is a place where the people who God (father) has called, can come together from all over the globe. There is no corporation behind this fellowship no money exchanging hands no begging for tithes or offerings. This is the people’s site there are no political agenda’s or bi-laws. As the blog developes and the impute from readers goes forward we will try to involve as many people as possible. Idea’s for the development will be welcome. The doctrines in which we hold to such as Sabbath keeping and holy day keeping will be discussed openly and peacefully along with the forbidden subjects like the calendar and the Nature of God. The bible is clear on working out your own salvation, like wise it discusses not forsaking fellowship with like-minded brethren. This site and its contributions to the people of God is not going to replace your place of worship. Where ever you are, what ever group you fellowship with, is where you are at. The corporations will come and go but the people who stick to the bible will remain till the coming of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Peace be to all who follow and obey the words of scripture and who are always learning and growing in grace and knowledge.

About Worldwide People of God

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