Happy Sabbath to All

How good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell together each and every Sabbath! Especially this time of year with the feast of Trumpets just two days ago and now the weekly Sabbath and one week from today the Day of Atonement, followed by the feast of tabernacles and the Last Great Day. Truly we are pleased to have this knowledge and belief that it’s extremely important to observe each and every one of our Great God and fathers commanded assembelies. When one thinks about how few people Worldwide keep and observe these High days, created for our good and for our benefit in our worship and relationship of our God and creator Yehovah the father. In Jesus prayer to his God he beseeches his God to keep us from the tares of this world in which he know’s is extremely strong. John 17:6-26 So his word went out like seeds thrown on the ground some fell on deaf ears, some grabbed hold for a period and some fell  on fertile ground and produced according to the talents given to the individual. So if your reading this blog in September 2013 and have been following these Godly feastivals you are among the future Kings and priest of the earth. How special is that? To be a witness for the coming kingdom of God that Jesus has ben designated king and high priest and you will serve with him in what ever capacity that God see’s fit is nothing short of remarkable. Mankind has traveled the world and the seven sea’s in search of eternal life and through the ages has never been able to find it, let alone posses it. Brethren each and everyone of the Worldwide People of God has found it believes it and yearns for it, even the Angels and the creation itself. We should be inspired beyond today and the vision we have been reheresing  since our calling should give us the Zeal and the fortitude and drive to endure this life to the end… God Bless

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