I am the way the truth and the Life! John 14:6

     John 14:1  Jesus said, ” Let not your heart be troubled; You believe in God,” (Right, that is what its all about) He goes on to say “also believe in Me”. No one comes to the father except through Me. In the first verse he comforts them by assuring them that they believe in God, Jesus in the next verses uses Gods’ name “Father” to comfort the apostles, by assuring them that how he gets to the father is the same way that they will get to the father 4. “And where I go you know, and the way you know.” The way is through obedience, putting sin out of our lives and worshiping His God and our God, with all our heart mind and soul. The way is sinlessness, the truth is the law, written in your bible and the life is a Godly life style that rejects sin. Eternal life is sin free, Jesus is the only human being that showed us it could be done, and since he didn’t sin, he is the first human being to be transformed into a spirit being! I Cor. 15:42-45 God granted this human, perfect son, this second Adam, what he had intended for the first Adam and Eve, human life followed by eternal life, given from the tree of life that they were cut off from, because of sin and all men but one has followed in there footsteps and lie in the grave until the resurrection. Jesus gave encouragement  to the apostle by saying we would be with him when he came again. He is now preparing a place for each of us, a dwelling, probably a position  that best suit’s our abilities, 2. “If it were not so, he surely would have said. What a beautiful song this is. Have a great day and don’t forget where your going, THE KINGDOM OF GOD…

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