Shining light blog sounds final lap bell!

Without setting any dates as these events could slow down and be delayed; the potential of the tribulation beginning in late 2014 is very very high.

As these things unfold over 2014 I will be continuing to warn the brethren of the need for zeal for all the words of our Mighty God and to warn of these rapidly approaching events.

This work needs your prayers and financial support to complete the mission of warning and waking up the brethren; and preparing them for the coming TEST of their zeal and love to exult the word of God above the false traditions of men. 

The tribulation of correction for the proud and hot for their own ways, who idolize men and organizations above the Eternal is now close at hand.

Sound familiar? How many times did HWA write letters asking the brethren to give more money than 123 tithes and offerings they were already giving? James Malm shining light blog above is asking people to support his vision of the truth…the wwpog blog will remain free to its followers. If you want to support this work use your own money or time and promote it. wwpog blog does not need your money, it needs your participation. I write what I learn! 43 years of taking notes and listening to sermon and sermonets and realizing that many, many scriptures have never been quoted or read. I am thinking about going through all my notes that I still have which is quite a few to see how many of the same scriptures have been used over and over again and the same topics and then dividing them by the total number of verses in the bible. I am betting that over half the scriptures in the bible have never been gone over, will see…

Two of the most critical HWA concepts are being challenged behind the scene and now in public. For many years ministers and thinking people have questioned the rationale of 2  or 3 being one. The other challenge area is the beast power being from Europe involving the Catholic church and the German Nation. Both of these subjects have drawn deep resistance. The COG is called to grow in grace and knowledge, not to be afraid because it might change what you hold to be dear. This is the reason behind the wwpog blog it is a place were people can learn exchange ideas and pleasantly agree to disagree about certain aspects of the bible. We don’t all have to agree on everything to fellowship, but we must respect one another and not be afraid to sharpen each others knowledge.  As knowledge has increased 100 fold since the death of HWA you would think it would  yield some deep insight to the bible.  Lukewarmness and complacency  are part of the description in Revelation 3 of the people of God. They just didn’t have the love of Gods’ word alive in them, searching the scriptures to see if God is really who they think they are! Or that the Catholic church wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Ask yourself in 2013 who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map? Right now its Islam. Remember it doesn’t say which of the 7 empires heals from the deadly wound.  Lets start thinking outside our 50-year-old paradigm and start using our computers and find out what Elohim really means and what deadly wound came to the Ottoman Turks in WWI when Lawrence of Arabia rode into history.

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