Shining Light blog calls the kettle Black!

    Mr Malm’s insistent badgering of COGs is founded in hypocrisy, he wants brethren to believe that he is open honest and sincere about his doctrine and view. He claims that COG use a wrong calendar and they have no zeal for the commandments of God! He claims they are lukewarm and are hiding the truth from the members. Mr Malm is hiding the truth from you brethren! Ask him why he won’t publish me in his comment section? Ask if He has screened ministers rebukes of his claims. There have been people who have question his prophecy that he won’t print. I comment on his verses all the time and his audience never see’s it because he deletes those scriptures that he doesn’t agree with! Example below!

Numbers 34

The borders of Israel defined by Christ.  West is the Med Sea; southeast is the east side of the Dead Sea down through the Sinai Wadi of El Arish to the Egyptian side of the Red Sea.

I offer a $1000 dollars for any scripture that hints that Jesus was alive during the old testament. I offer any of you the same. The borders of Israel are Defined by the Lord, not his future son. Jesus was only in the promise from God ,to one day in the future raise up one like Moses, to deliver them out of darkness into the light. Brethren to not see his error understandable but to not collect his money and show you all how he turned one God into two and got back before anyone noticed is absurd. Ask him why he wont take the money, see if he answers you!

   So my point again is he says that UCG and Cogwa are holding back truth from you, I am verifying with you, that the Shining light blog does it every day and there’s nobody monitoring Mr Malm… If you want to see the with holding of information,  follow this blog.

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