Which of the seven kindoms is the Beast Power?

Tradition in COG groups has been that the Holy Roman empire would rise again and ten nations which Germany would head would be the military might! In the 1960s this seemed logical and even probable. But has Satan done another master job of cover and confusion. Read Shining light blog below which is the HWA model taught for 60 years based on knowledge from a different era. Mr Malm is using the same rumors of wars to keep people listening. The truth is that it’s not as important  when the tribulation begins and who is the beast, as it is to be right with God our father and understand that he will be with his people who keep the testimony of Jesus Christ and the commandments. So look below and compare HWA  version of events with todays prospective of 911 war in Iraq and Afghanistan .


This Beast Emperor will have power over the economies and militaries of the ten nations which will join this new system, yet they will remain autonomous in many other areas.

When this miracle-working pope is set up; and this present pope could be the empowered:   or quite possibly a new pope might be set up; he will quickly present his plan for the new Europe and while this is taking place, the Mideast peace deal will be finalized and ratified and foreign peacekeepers brought in to keep the peace. 

  1. When this final pope goes to the holy place, mass protests by the Israeli Settler Movement will break down in violence and the peacekeepers will be forced to intervene, taking control of Jerusalem.
  2. Watch For:
  3. 1.  Continued deadlock in the peace talks until John Kerry presents the American Framework deal and the Israeli government is changed.
  4. 2.  An Israeli coalition crisis over the US Framework deal.
  5. 3.  A coalition reshuffle, or more likely a new Israeli election.
  6. 4.  A regional war breaking out, bringing victory over Islamic Extremism, including regime change in Syria and Iran; and serious pain to the Jewish State.
  7. 5.  A reset of the public mood in the entire region including Israel, towards a genuine dialogue for peace and a real peace agreement.
  8. 6.  The setting up of the miracle working pope and his call for a New Order in Europe.  IF IF IF this is indeed the year, he should be set up in late September and he will go to the holy mount about 75 days later.
  9. 7.  A real peace deal will be completed and ratified, with peacekeepers coming in and surrounding Jerusalem, Luk 21:20; by the time the son of perdition goes to the holy place.
  10. 8.  The immediate breakout of the tribulation Mat 24:15, when this man goes to the holy place; with the occupation of Jerusalem; will quickly escalate to the defeat of Israel and her allies.  REMEMBER that only Jerusalem is to be occupied for 42 months; the defeat of the entire Jewish state and her allies might take a little longer after Jerusalem is occupied.
  11. As I wrote a year ago, the timeline is highly probable to have the abomination going to the holy mount and the tribulation beginning by the end of 2014.  However the rush of events may slow and take a little more time. 

      The second beast of Revelation 13 (the false prophet), is described as a lamb with two horns. Could these two horns be symbolic of the two major branches of Islam Sunni and Shiite? A Muslim popular enough to bring the two factions of iron and clay together for one hour as The Beast? The Revived Islamic Empire? Another distinction between the Shiite and the Sunni is the Shiites believe in the 12 Imam who comes from the Royal line of Ahl al-Bayt (Muhammad’s descendents). This individual was only 7 years old when he came to power. As the story goes he hid in a cave below a Mosque in Samarra a cave blocked by a gate which shiited call “Bab-Al Gayba or the Gate of occultations one of the Shiites most sacred sites. It is believed that Allah has kept him alive since 874 A.D. and that  He is soon to Return (Raja) or appear (Zuhur) in the very near future. President Ahmadinejad of Iran claims to know of his presence and whereabouts. While this is a Shiite teaching and figurehead- If He starts working signs and wonders that no one else can match- this “Miracle working Prophet may be all that’s needed to bring Sunni and Shiite Nations into the Confederacy, spoken of in Ps. 83. Interestingly, it is believed by Shiites that when he comes he will rule the world for seven years- could this be Daniel’s Prince? Dan. 9:27 Wars, like murder need a Motive,  What is the motive behind these Nations’ desire to gather together the largest army ever assembled by mankind? “Come let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” Ps 83:4 Mecca, one of the daughter Harlot cities of “Babylon the Great The mother of harlots.” Rev 17:5 will ride this resurrected beast, being the center of Islam and the place that all Muslims bow towards. This women will be drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

    Satan right now is trying to beat God to the punch he wants one world government just like the kingdom of God. Satan imitates he counterfeit’s the real thing. Brethren we must keep searching the scriptures in light of the times we live in… Islam is the only power in Nov 2013 that has the motive to wipe Israel of the map. The Catholic church and the European Union are not ready at this time to do this, they have no warriors or money  to take on the world. Christianity in Europe is weak not motivated and don’t want war now… There will be much more details on this above scenario. This is just a broad view to start I will fill in details in the post ahead mean while consider thee above. 


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