One step closer to Eternity!

One step closer to Eternity!

This is the first day, today, of the rest of your life. Its hard to wake up every day with a complete picture and motivation to serve God first and foremost. But as Christians we are called to be lights on the hill, to shine bright in our attitude and example to those we come in contact with. Traffic jams long lines waiting of the phone to speak to someone, slow computer upload ect. Someone being rude, a fight with mate, or best friend, these are challenges we face everyday and its how we deal with them, that lets us know how bright we shine. Shining the brightest doesn’t always equal the longest, some burn out and fall like lightening from heaven! Others are steady, not overly bright but not dark either. My best friend said once “That love is like a flickering light sometimes dim, and sometimes bright.” I remembered it and incorporated in the first song I ever wrote called “In the world” 1977 hopefully It will be available as this blog progresses to those who are following this blog and as the word travels that The Worldwide People of God have a place that they can all go regardless of their affiliation. When God calls people into his family he is calling you and me into his presents through his beloved son. Are responsibility is not to bring our worldly clicks and habits with us. All baptized COG people are do respect and inclusion, its a very important part of being a light in a dark world. We must overcome the world and its ways, to fellowship into eternity with God and his son. We must be living examples of light in dark places! So today while it is yet called today, we must light our candles and walk the walk and let others talk the talk…

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