Three is the Charm!

 One can only speculate why the father decided to create beings, maybe being alone had run its course or He thought he would try a experiment! The old adage, if you love something set it free and see if it comes back to you of its own free will then you will truly know they love you. Lucifer was given the polishing touches of the grand creation and was maybe the most beautiful of Gods’ creations and it appear it started out promising until iniquity set in. Lucifer now Satan the Devil became full of darkness and the father of lies and the god( Elohim singular) of this world. The father must of been a little taken back by the rebellion. Second round he creates a physical being from the dust of the ground and calls him Adam. It doesn’t take very long for this Adam created in the image of his father to run amuck, and were only three chapters into the story. The father in Gen.3: has a conversation with these first two created beings and lets them know that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent, but it doesn’t say when. Now the third hands on of the fathers creation is going to be the charm and the father is even going to say that he is well pleased with his second Adam, what an amazing turn of events. Satan had grasp at being equal to the father, the first Adam tried to be like God and know good from evil. But the second Adam thought that being equal to God was not something to be grasped at so he became a servant leader even unto death to be a atonement for all mankind’s sin. How much do we grasp of the importance of getting completely right, not one sin yet tempted and falsely accused and beaten having no fault in him… Did the father get it right? By what Jesus did, changed the world, back to the fathers original plan of creating a family of beings with a free will to chose to live peacefully with him. Jesus is the first of the human being to every receive eternal life… Its a big “deal” no one had ever done it before or since. All other human beings wait in the grave for the resurrection. Jesus wasn’t getting back what he already had, it says he was the first born among many. Death couldn’t hold him because he hadn’t earned the penalty…Death holds David and the other kin listed in Matt.1:1-18 The father hoped Lucifer would love him, he gave him everything he needed to succeed, likewise with Adam he placed him in a garden east of Eden and it was spectacular but like Lucifer he had a free will and he used it. When Jesus was formed in the womb of his mother, he had the same promise as the other two of the fathers special creations but Jesus choose while sweating blood in fear and pain to do the right thing! What are we going to do today?

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