Thee Eternal Jesus Christ?

Shining light Claims Jesus is Eternal, then slams UCG for calling the 8h day of FOT the Last Great Day. The 7 days of FOT have always been separated feast from the 8th day at least in the last 44 years. Them author James Malm who understands not who God is and who He is not (Jesus the created Christ came from the seed of a women Luke 1:35 Gen.3 and Deut. 18:18 Understanding the one and only God is Paramount in our understanding. Mr Malm rejects the God of Israel for the created son of Yehovah the father. I ask you what is the greater misunderstanding the name for the 8th day festival or the knowledge that Jesus is not God but the son of God created in the womb of his mother like you and me that’s why he is called our brother not our God. Lets See what Shining light says about  this Nicean Heresy 325 A.D.

But Canaan as a whole refused to repent sincerely; they fought God and trustred in their own idols and false teachings to save them!  If we resist the word of God we shall all likewise perish; and if we are zealous for the whole word of God to learn it, to keep it, and to follow its author with zealous determination, fearing to turn away like Rahab;  WE shall be delivered as Rahab was! 

This woman sheltered two spies in her house which was undoubtedly a capital offense worthy of death, as she would be perceived as putting the whole city in grave danger;  yet she risked the immediate danger and chose to fear God rather than man! 

This whore had more faith and true repentance than very many of today’s called out, who today would not dare to stand up for the word of God against the pollution of the Sabbath or other false teachings. Rahab makes a declaration of faith and couples that declaration with action, saving the two men and placing her trust entirely in the hands of the Eternal Jesus Christ. Where is our faith and trust and belief in the word of God and the promises of our loving Lord today? Yes other Canaanites feared, but would not repent! Rahab feared and did sincerely repen and choose faith and trust in the word of God over all else.
Mr Malm is so used to interchanging Jesus for God he doesn’t even know he’s doing it, which means, He does not know who or what God is! How sad when its so clear that The father is God alone. Let us consider what the father tells us in IKings 8:60 That all people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, there is NO Other. Deut 4:39 “The Lord HIMSELF is God!” SINGULAR I write you decide how long you will falter between two gods?



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