The Struggles of life!

Religion and whether there right or wrong is probably life’s most difficult struggle! I grew up a Catholic and went to Catholic school for 8 years, which I did enjoy! In fact it was the best place to be at that time in my life… I always said, I would send my kid, or recommend you to send your kids to Catholic school, over public school, no matter what I believed about the doctrine of the Catholic church. I’ve always believed that if you believe what you hear, how can I change that! Each person that the father calls has to make his, or her, own decision on whether they will respond. Once you make that decision you begin a life time journey that will challenge your brain and convert your heart, for the rest of your life… From 1933-1974 HWA believed that Pentecost should be observed on a Monday, even though some around him told hi other wise, they even presented him with papers, but he wasn’t hearing them! It was a Struggle, and 10,000 people left over his decision! Was it the right decision, was it worth the struggle? How could this man be wrong for so long and if he corrected the error and did the right thing, why did so many people leave? In this same time 1974 there was another major doctrinal shift in Divorce and remarriage. The bible clearly authorized divorce as Jesus states in Mark 10:5-7 because of the hardness of their hearts, but it is whether a person can remarry that is the Struggle! The bible isn’t the problem in most of these cases, it is the interpretation. Modern church organizations seem to follow a corporate style of running there churches. When the spiritual leaders or elders are also the caretakers of the business end of things, often there time is consumed running a corporation and the truth, or the doctrine suffer. The COGs starting with WWCOG are no exception to this model. When people of God have plenty of time to pray, study and think, they are always going to have a better chance of understanding. No church or group is perfect and most don’t claim to be. So where are we then? Growing, refining, learning, engaging, in Knowledge and grace. The lifetime struggle then, either you give up or you become what the father hoped and called you for. The only failure in your calling is giving up… We have to press on to the goal until we die or Jesus Christ returns. So are we thankful for another year of refining ourselves before our God and Father and his son Jesus? Lets rejoice.

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