Shining Light blog condems UCG and COGWA for winter family weekends!

Writer of shining light blog James Malm compares winter family weekend to xmas and declares it worldly. Todays post is sure to generate high ratings among followers! On the surface this might have some merits, depending on how one views it. To get together with brethren for several days on a national holiday where all schools and businesses are off seems to be a good thing to do. We have a chance to spend quality time with people of like mind have fellowship and sports events. The up side is the employees of the hotel and community see us in action. We don’t talk Xmas and we don’t participate in its celebration. We also conduct Sabbath services without any Xmas music. We could stay at home and do nothing! I personally have never been to a winter family weekend, but have talked with many who have, all good for the most part… I actually was thinking of attending this year for the first time, so I certainly wouldn’t let Mr Malms opinion sway me. We are called to be lights and not on a xmas tree, but in person as we interact with gentiles among us. Your personal example is just that! You can be the difference in someone else’s walk by steering the conversation towards the godly. Mr Malm goes on to condeem the motive and the false doctrine that are practiced by the COGs… When false understanding is pointed out to Shining Light author he is like John Brown and ignores converted scriptural criticsiam. Mr Malm refuse to acknowledge that Jesus is nowhere found speaking to anyone in the old testament! I offered $10.000 dollars to Him, I’ve showed him scriptures he ignores. Brethren all scriptures are give for correction and righteousness, not just the ones we like…  Below Mr Malm.

If we turn aside to idols and false traditions, we shall surely fail to conquer sin and to be chosen to enter the promised land of eternity.  If we in any way turn aside to sin and join together in trying to marry false doctrine with the true, to mix the profane with the holy; thereby polluting the whole lump; Jesus Christ will no more go before us to drive sin out of us, and shall turn on us to correct us as he did to physical Israel.  These things the COG Groups have done and now follow false tradition and their idols of men; having NO zeal to passionately follow Christ and keep his word.

 Above, first false traditions, and false doctrines are just that 325 NIcea. Mr Malm refuses to acknowledge his hersey!  Jesus Christ did not correct physical Israel, this is a tradition of repetitions! If you say Jesus was the god of the old testament enough times you will actually think its true… If you say God is a family enough times, guess what you’ll think its true. None of the COGs have ever given these two extra biblical statements a true examination. Mr Armstrong was completely wrong about John 1:1 in which he always said “The bible doesn’t start in Gen. 1:1 but it starts in John 1:1” I heard him personally state it, and it sounded right at the time, as I was learning the bible… In theory it was correct, but in doctrine it was in error and set the COG up for a self inflicted wound, in which it has never recovered.  The fathers wisdom and Logos where what He started with, there was no physical creation yet. That is what John is saying in John 1:1 which “His” not “they’re” wisdom is what preceeded Gen.1:1 account of physical creation. You have to have the smarts, the capabilities, the plan, before you can implement it. This magnificent wisdom is what makes the father God, who alone posses it. I Tim.6:15 Mr Malm is trying to use zeal and commandment compromising to make you feel guilty and follow him! But you need to have Zeal for all the scriptures especially the 1rst one. “Thou Shall have no other god’s(plural) before Us”? Look it up!


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