Is it any Wonder? Matt. 24:10

This is a quote below out of yesterday’s post from a self righteous whistle blower from David Hulmes group. Is it any Wonder Matt. 24:10 warns us and tells us what to look for. I am not offended, I pray for these guys to look in the mirror just for a moment and see there accuser. I encourage you to read all of yesterdays post, it explains a lot and gives a perspective of how Satan worksHe says at the end its about people waking up and not being conned! So if they have been conned, wouldn’t that mean that they aren’t led by the spirit but by man? Talk about drinking the koolaide and then he’s ratting out David Hulme while the people in UCG didn’t follow the man 16 years ago, because it was obvious that it was all about David to those who were engaged. Teaching the commandments closer than other men! When are we going to stop teaching the commandments in the COGs and start keeping the commandments! You don’t need a weather man to no which way the wind blows.

If no one steps up, it’s possible some could join LCG. However, these issues are over doctrine, and while LCG comes closer to preaching the gospel than the other groups, the issue of church government would be the main issue that would prevent them from joining forces. These men come closer than any of the groups to teaching obedience to the commandments and repentance and UCG stopped doing that years ago and COGWA never started –

Christian living sermons have taken the place of doctrine and the members are starving for God’s word. I don’t think any of these men would teach the “weak as circus lemonade” sermons that UCG/COGWA does.”

As you read the letter you will understand that this situation is about people who want to be faithful, waking up and realizing that they have been conned. 

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