The Lord’s Anointed! “Saul” Who is the Lord then?

Can we actually identify who the Lord God is? Is Yehovah the same as the Lord God thee Eternal? When we look at 2 Sam.1:16 The word Lord here is Strongs 3068 which is “Yehovah the self-existent, or Eternal Jehovah, Jewish national name of God-Jehovah the Lord. Shining light author thinks there were two God’s from the beginning! The Catholics and Protestants think there are Three god’s! John 10:34 “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said You are god’s”? Ps.82:6 I said you are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High? Ps.83:18 “That men may know that You whose name alone is the Lord, Are the Most High over all the earth.” Ps.86:5 “For You, Lord, are good. Luke 18:19 So Jesus said to him” Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is God. In John 17:3 Jesus prays to His God, “And this is Eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true God,” Jesus equates this knowledge of knowing who is God to eternal Life.

Scripture interpreting scripture brethren isn’t that good enough or do we keep reading our Nicean heresy back into our understanding like Mr Malm does, day after day, post after post. Jesus never said a word in the old testament! Heb.1:1 The father who in times past spoke to us by the prophet’s (in this above Samuel) now speaks to us through Jesus his son. Could it be any clearer brethren?

  2 Samuel 1

News comes about Saul to David.

1:1 Now it came to pass after the death of Saul, when David was returned from the slaughter of the Amalekites, and David had abode two days in Ziklag; 1:2 It came even to pass on the third day, that, behold, a man came out of the camp from Saul with his clothes rent, and earth upon his head: and so it was, when he came to David, that he fell to the earth, and did obeisance.  1:3 And David said unto him, From whence comest thou? And he said unto him, Out of the camp of Israel am I escaped. 1:4 And David said unto him, How went the matter? I pray thee, tell me.

When the news of Saul’s death is told, David asks for confirmation.

And he answered, That the people are fled from the battle, and many of the people also are fallen and dead; and Saul and Jonathan his son are dead also. 1:5 And David said unto the young man that told him, How knowest thou that Saul and Jonathan his son be dead?

The man identifies himself as an Amalekite [a people that Christ had condemned to extinction as a type of sin, for their terrible cruelty] and tells a story. James Malm.

So I ask did Jesus Christ condemn the Amalekites? Where is such a scripture?

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