Knowing the Truth and Living the Truth!

Would Jesus recognize any particular group or church today? Would Jesus recognize the worship system in place today? Would Jesus worship his God with any of these groups? Since these are all hypothetical questions we’ll have to keep that in mind. The most forgotten attribute of Jesus is that he is a Jew! Matt.5:17 sets the stage of his ministry, the boundaries, as you will. Don’t think that I have come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets! He didn’t come to free you from the penalty of murdering your neighbor or to change the Sabbath to Sunday or introduce Xmas! In fact a lot of what Jesus said is quotes from his fathers words, written in the old testament. At age 30, He fasted 40 days  before he started his ministry, he was tested  by God, to see what his free will would do, would he worship the god of this world like his brother Adam or, would he worship his God and father who created all things, including his only begotten son. Would Jesus try to rob God by grasping at being equal with him? Phil.2:5-11 Jesus new that Satan  had thwarted the original plan of his God and father and he knew Adam was created by his father and also tested by the father and failed! So one could just imagine the pressure on Jesus to get it right, in light of the failures of these other two magnificent creations, by the one God and father of the universe. Jesus studied and listen to the priest in the synagogues and had read the scripture’s since childhood, but still fasted to the point of death, before being confronted by the god of this world. Matt.4:1-11 in all three of the recorded instances, he quoted the old testament from Deuteronomy. He had probably memorized most of it, if not all of the available scripture. So with that back round would Jesus recognize your church? Probably not, he might recognize people with a humble teachable attitude from your group but might not endorse your church. The easy method is to use the bible as your doctrine don’t add to it and don’t take away from it. If Jesus did it do it! if Jesus didn’t do it don’t do it! He said I am the way the truth and the light. He has made the bible available to every one who wants it. We are commanded to work out our own salvation, with fear and trembling. Fellowship with brethren of like mind. Listen to preaching from the bible and apply what scripture says in your life, not what the opinions of men are.

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