Presidents Day

Thank God for George Washington, General of the Continental Army and our first and best example of a President. He set the example of serving your country. Don’t ask what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country, uttered JFK at his inaugural speech on Jan.20 1961 .Do u find these great American Presidents to be a gift from God? In the blessing by Jacob to his grandsons .Gen.48:17-19 Ephraim and Manasseh are given special blessings as a people that would be a blessing to the rest  of mankind. Joseph was a blessing to his family and the nation of Israel that the father blessed and guided through a series of miracles. England first then the United States have kept the world from teirrrany for 300 years. America has been a great influence on peace around the world and humanitarian aid for decades. Prime example is the earth quake in Iran in 2014 President OBAMA promise to send aid to Iran earthquake victims, even though relations are at best dicey. President Eisenhower warn Americans at the end of his two term presidency to beware of the Military Industrial Complex and it’s desire to control Americas future by long wars Vietnam Iraq Korea Afghanistan. It’s a difficult balance between technological advancement in military equipment and being able to use it in the field. So these prolonged wars have given us a great opportunity to use and develop the high-tech weaponry of the modern world. Interestingly though with all the might and the most powerful military on the planet it appears that we will be defeated by civilians among us with explosive backpacks. How ironic that the USA because of sin and lawlessness will face the defeat that Abraham Lincoln warned about. He said that we would not be defeated from invading armies but would be defeated from within. With the USA in absence of Vision Godliness and leadership the outcome is the same repeated history of all the great empires. Look at England for 200 years the sun never set on this Tiny Islands holdings and now it is preparing to surrender to Sharia Law with its overpowering non assimilating Muslim population. No God, No future that’s the bible in a nutshell. But overall in the USA God has given us two hundred plus years of freedom of religion and a chance to learn from our bibles, thanks to King James, and to find him, love him and serve him and each of the Presidents have helped preserve freedom a precious commodity and as we see its steadily slipping away.  So as we head into uncertain future for USA and the world, we must pray that Gods’ will be done on earth as it is in heaven. To partake in daily study and to pray to worthy of protection.

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