The Old City!

Many blessings to all of you as we ready  ourselves for Passover service. How good and how pleasant to be able to spend time in Jerusalem future home to the returning Messiah. I am impressed at the level of unity between the Muslims Jews and Christians. Friday the Muslims close shop, Saturday the Jews close shop, Sunday the Christians close shop. It seems like the perfect place for a Sabbath keeping Christian to have a restaurant and be able to succeed. After Sundown the Jew’s open back up for dinning and drinks and business. The calmness that was in the air with so many people keeping the Sabbath, felt very melancholy today with almost all business closed, it was amazing, which brought back a time when I was a young Catholic in Seattle watching everyone go to church, big families walking together to church and grandparents and cousins having special family time, man I miss those day’s. I went to the Great synagogue early this morning to see how the orthodox service was given, it seemed like it was the same service style that Jesus would have attended and again it was like my memories of  the early Catholic Latin mass in ritual singing from the Rabbi and recanting from the members, it also reminded me of the Russian Orthodox services I would attend with my Childhood friend that seem to go on forever and I couldn’t understand a thing that was being said, like today, but I knew they were in Lev. reading  from the Torah. I went to the mount of Olives but couldn’t find parking, so I will go back another day. It is the busiest time of year with Easter and Passover and I’m sure the Muslims have their special time to, I am not sure what they call it, but I’ll get back to you on that. Tomorrow is the Temple mount and Hezekiah’s Tunnel, then Passover service with Dave Register and a small tour group including my nephew and his wife. Walking the old city for two days has been very interesting between the money changing hands and the spiritual history of the city, where Jesus turned the tables of the money changers in discus. All my life I’ve heard about Jerusalem and now I’m walking its very streets, seeing it with my eyes and smelling it all my senses on full alert. I can’t wait to get pictures out to everyone, so stay tuned as we go where many have gone before.

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