24 hours In Jerusalem

All my life I’ve had a vision or a perspective and an image of this great city on the hill. But yesterday was the first time I’ve actually seen this city. I could tell you a little about what it takes just to get here, but will save that for another time. My first impression is how much bigger and more developed it is, much more beautiful than I imagined and oddly enough, how well people get along. Jerusalem is home to many people Jew’s, Christians, and Muslims and each has its rich history within the long story of this region known as Israel. I drove directly from the airport at about 6:00 am into Jerusalem, about and hour drive into the heart of the old city, easy to find because it is the focal point, as well as the biggest tourist attraction. I literally drove up into the walled city! There is a road one way all the way up and in and around the historic city. At the top by the Zion gate was a parking spot, it was around 7:10 am and just a few early birds so it was easy to get around with a car. Most people take cab or tour buses and walk around. I just parked and asked where the wailing wall was and the temple mount. I was above it first but around the bend from it, so as I walked down the stone side-walk I shot pictures of the landscape. The surrounding hills stand out with their stone house built like little forts and constructed of very solid feel, something the Midwest could benefit from. I’ve said for years that the Midwest should have a building code of brick or stucco houses only to protect themselves against tornadoes. but were to greedy and short-term for profit in the good old USA. I am not really saying anything on this first Sabbath in the Holy land were I will be writing to you for the next week or so.

My driving purpose for the trip is to engage Orthodox Jews about there understanding of scripture, especially those related to the messiah and his coming. I look forward to going to the synagogue on the Sabbath days as was our saviors custom with his people and reasoning in the scriptures. I will also fellowship with the Muslims, Christians and the other sects of Jews. I will visit some of the key historic places and will write about what I see. Friday night, I went to the wailing wall again and witnessed many praying publicly up against the wall and many tourist observing. I will witness a lot and it is a trip of great enlightenment, on what monumental struggles lie ahead  between these three world religions and many offshoots as God begins to bring judgement on all the earth! Within all of this the God of heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will send his son to finally straighten out all the misunderstandings taught as truth, but are only doctrines of men. In most cases it is tradition that trumps truth and fear to challenge age-old revered men and doctrine that stifle our growth. It takes a many trial’s and tribulation to enter into the Kingdom of our God and father. But as his sons and daughters we can  also overcome. Our  fathers holy spirit will  give us the strength to walk literally and spiritually as Christ did. Happy Sabbath and Passover as we enter this Holy season 2014 let it be our most rewarding and let us be thankful that we have been called, let us also remember to make our election, an election sure.

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