A week of first and today was no exception! I drove from Jerusalem Back to the airport and off to Ashdod a little south of Tel aviv I was invited to a Seder meal with a Messianic Jew family and friends The Host Baruck is a teacher of Hebrew and a writer and also does some biblical TV shows. So this was a very by the book The Metsudah Linear Haggadah. The Haggadah is a guide that will lead you thru the Seder meal and is a tradition used on Passover. The Host started off reading from the Haggadah hand book which guides us through the laws and customs of the mitzvos. A quote from the handbook ” Therefore each of us must tell about our personal Exodus in the language we understand, in the metaphors we use and with the knowledge we have acquired. For even if we were all scholars, all sages, all learned, we still would have to use the language of our day to understand to comprehend and to relate the event of the Exodus from Egypt.”  The host went on to recite passages in Hebrew and sing songs of praise and prayers through out the commentary. It surely was a different way to keep the festival. After the first hour we ate in stages as he read meaning into the traditional foods and drink, followed by the main course and more reading from the Haggadah. So all new and yet very old in tradition. I hope you all had a great Night to Be remembered.

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