Revived Ottoman Empire


The Islamic Empire (7th head of the “7 Headed Beast’)  Could a Islamic Beast power even be possible? Consider these article’s below!


Turkey Dreams of New Ottoman Empire: Syria President

The Revived Ottoman Empire? – Gracethrufaith › End Times Prophecy
 Jun 1, 2013 – Perspective by Jack Kelley. The Ottoman Empire existed from 1299 until 1922. It was in many respects the Islamic successor to the Eastern leg …
These are just a few of the articles on google Revived Ottoman Empire. With the power of information at your finger tips like never before as stated in Daniel 12:4 We must study to find the clues that lead us to proper understanding and all the while we must live the life of the Godly and be careful to do all things commanded in the book. Remember Jesus at the very start of his ministry clarified that not one jot or title would be removed from the law until heaven and earth pass away. Matt.5:17 For years we have been taught the revived Roman Empire would be the beast power and maybe that’s still true, but right now in april 2014 it appears that Islam is the front-runner. We must study our bibles daily to see if there are clues to the Islamic empire. Babylon Mother of Harlot Cities, In each of the seven world kingdoms that followed the dispersion of people from the Tower of Babel, Harlot Cities developed that promoted this Pantheon of gods (under different names) and abominable practices. In Sumeriam Mythology, Inanna the Queen of Heaven took lovers of her choice (called Dumuzi) into the temple for sexual interludes. In late Sumerian History (3000 B.C.) Kings established their legitimacy by taking the place of the Dumuzi in the Temple for one night on the occasion of the New Year Festival- setting up a pattern of Kings “committing fornication” with a harlot.
     So as I travel through the Holy Land during unleavened bread it is easy to see the influence Babylon had on these historic churches and the people who come to worship in them from all over the world. It is very ritualistic, lots of spirit, not much truth. Off tomorrow for the Sea of Galilee to see the historical sites in that area. There are many pieces to the puzzle and we must consider the evidence in light of the fastest growing religion in the world Islam and the influence it has on the world, the strength of the commitment of its followers and the goals of its leaders. Its serious religion and powerful forces behind it.


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