Good Morning Vietnam!

Woke up this morning and found myself dragging by my boot straps,  it could have been the one last buffalo wing I didn’t eat, or the fact that I stopped by the Open Jam night at the Sidestreet Bar, reacquainting myself with guys I’d meet a couple of years ago, they are local musicians that I’ve had the opportunity to connect a bit with. Also a Friend came over after work for a couple of hours of jamming before all of that, so quite the day and night for getting out there and doing it. As I sit and write I look out my window and the Red River came out of its banks from all the rain we’ve had the last few days. I keep waiting for summer, but not yet, as many of you know…Then there’s that first sip of coffee that makes up for a lot.

So I ask the question, What are we going to do today to see the Kingdom of God tomorrow? That’s the question I try to ask myself every day. How is Jehovah going to use me today! Not sure, but I need to be ready to give an answer when someone ask a question. Often it’s not a direct bible verse rebuttal, but a tone of positive feedback to give the person asking the question something to ponder that might lead to a question such as, why do you think the President is being so soft on Russia, or do you think America is losing its way? We hear these things out there and they can be jumping off points to get into what God says about a nation that rejects his ways. This can be eye-opening for people, a baby step towards conversion if God is calling them and if he’s not, they will remember that what you said was truth. So we don’t know how God will direct our day ,but if we pray for him to use us some way, there is a good chance you will run into someone out there and make their day. Now that’s exciting the prospect of the father using us directly to effect someone else out there another brother or sister in Christ. Conversion is about taking steps, sometimes big sometimes small, but in the right direction, towards the kingdom of God. Have a great day and remember only you can prevent forest fires!

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