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Shining Light blog comment section by Tim McCauley rips into UCG GCE for being more like salesmen than fire and brimstone preachers! Do people in the greater COG need more darts and arrows? Are the brethren asleep at the wheel? Do we profane the Sabbath? Are we lukewarm? Only YOU can answer those questions as you work out your own salvation. Is shining light blog author and antaginast James Malm following the whole word of God? Is he growing in grace and knowledge? I heard a minister say that he was living in his mothers basement and was broke and was begging for money from his readers. I thought it was pretty rude of the minister to put it like his financial situation should be any sign of his success or truth! I have said and will continue to say that I like Mr Malms audacity but I only try to point out where he is guilty of the same attitude that he say’s is prevalent throughout COGs. Which is my way or the highway. In other words agree with me or be silenced. This is what a hippocrite does. When a writer can’t stand in the fire with his readers if the comments or questions are from the scriptures and they are silenced for pointing out miss interpetations of verses then they are not being honest with themselves or there readers which is the case with Mr Malm and Tim McCauley his wing man. I have error in my understanding so I continue to refine and read to grow as the spirit leads me. This is how all of us grow, individually and as we submit to Gods’ spirit. Falsely accusing each other doesn’t go well with God or his head of church son Jesus. We must be careful when judging motives of other called out ones. I am not saying you don’t stand for truth I am just saying be careful with the fathers called ones. We should be building each other up not tearing each other down as much as possible and even more as we see the day of reckoning approaching.

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ANALYSIS of the GCE Conference Report by Tim:

There are very well done counterfeits and then there are poorly done fakes.  When it cones to the ministry of the UCG and what they believe (as evidenced by the summary of the GCE just passed) the most striking thing is the phoney foundation of sand on which the organizations assumptions and plans are based.  (Marr 7:24-27)

Just like Jesus Christ did when tempted by Satan (Matt 4) the only way to resist such nonsense is to know that in which you have believed and to be persuaded that God is able to give you wisdom that cannot be resisted by such rhetorical flourishes as those of the mouthpieces within the UCG ministry.  (Lu 21:14-15, II Tim 1:12).

Robin Webber says:

“They are two great concepts that bookend the gospel message the Church has been commissioned to take to the world.

These words represent a blessing that God is offering people who come to Him and humble themselves to His will. He offers grace and peace to His people in a world that is so often devoid of both.”

TIM:  God’s grace (or favor) is extended to those who repent of their sins, remain repentant, and seek to conform their lives to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Father,   (John 13:15-17).  This brings peace of mind through the holy spirit regardless of the particular circumstances in which one may find themselves.  (John 14:25-27).

The reason the world is devoid of both grace and peace is because the world has no knowledge of or desire to repent of their many sins and that is what they need to be told with specificity and in no uncertain or wishy-washy terms (Matt 3:1-2, Matt 4:17, Mark 6:7-12, Acts 2:36-38, Acts 17:22-30). 

Such a message will be universally ridiculed and mocked by humanity because they have no particular interest in repenting of their sins.  (John 3:19)  The repentance that humanity needs God must grant (II Tim 2:24-26). 

So why tell people what most of them do not want to hear and will not act upon?  Because one day there will be a resurrection to judgement and they will at that time have no excuse to say, “well I just didn’t know–if I had known…”   

ADMIN:  I add that this is also a learning process as the teacher learns much through the teaching of God’s word and from the activities involved.

Now, try to find any of the above in the “gospel proclamation” of the UCG (or any of the other corporate COG’s)–you won’t find anything remotely like that because their “ministers” are really “salesmen”.

If your going to bring up salesmen HWA was the best we ever had! He did more sales than all the groups since his death combined! I think we should give him a posthumours sales growth award. Salesmanship is a good part of the program we must be ready to give an answer when we come across someone God is working with. Paul used master salesmenship on the Athenians! He was known for being all things to all people. So to be most effective one must be able to adjust his or her message to the audience at hand…

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