Who or what is The Anti-Christ!

The Anti-Christ should be a type of opposite of Christ! It was taught that the Catholic Pope was going to somehow persuade the world that he was the Christ and set himself up on the temple mount as god and that all the world would marvel at his power. But is the Catholic church the opposite of Christ? Do they teach that Christ was not the son of God, but a prophet and a good man? No, they teach that Jesus was the son of God. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love His father and to love ones neighbor! To the best of my knowledge all Christians believe this. Now I am not trying to get into Doctrinal differences and bible based behavior. What I am focusing on is what is opposite of good, evil. Now Yehovah our great God and father will use this opposite as a correction tool to those who don’t obey Him. Jesus taught us to love our enemies, Christianity teaches this and will help our enemies when they are in need. Do mainstream Christians want to destroy Israel and wipe them off the map? Do mainstream Christians want to kill people who don’t agree with them? Do extreme Christians run around beheading women and children for not adhering to there doctrine? Have you ever read about Christian suicide bombers blowing themselves up in the name of Jesus Christ? Or for that matter have you ever heard of the FBI breaking up a Christian plot to destroy those who don’t agree with them. Have you heard or seen any of these things from any other so called religion in the world? On Sept,20 2014 where is the Anti-Christ that is opposite everything the man Jesus taught and subscribed to. The answer is only one possible religion that opposes Jesus the Christ son of the one God and father of all, our God and Christ God Rev.3:12, the God of Abraham ,Isaac and Jacob the God of our fathers Acts.3:13 Islam brethren is the Anti-Christ the beast power that was and is to come Rev.17:11 verse 9 says “Here is the mind that has wisdom:”

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