The one god of this world taking over !

It appears that Fox news is more aware of the threat of the  Islamic Beast power than the Cogs in general. Islamic terrorist have dominated the news and the revelation that they are ready to strike the western powers is alarming at least. For years the knowledge that was much increased in 1995 thru the home computer has revolutionized the bible and the paradigm of the revival o the Holy Roman Empire. HWA had no idea of the capabilities of Islamic revival. The Seventh world ruling empire that received a deadly wound is now about to take the western world by surprise. Todays warning is that the terrorist are not only out , but much more capable than we were led to believe. In Paris Wednesday the terrorist attack was carried out by trained capable Islamic extremist wheeling AK 47s  meet by Paris police riding ten speed bikes with no weapons. The liberal French are no match for ruthless killers similar to there forefathers of world war two, who folded in a manner of days against the German Blitzkrieg..

Wake up America, wake up bible students and followers of Christ. Islam is the Beast power that will rule the world in just a short time. The West will be left in ashes and confusion looking for a Christian traitor that shall rise and be the Anti-Christ. The fact is, the Pope believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Islam believes that “Allah”DBA god has no son. If God has no Son, then us Christians have no hope. The Anti-Christ is one who believes that our Father Yehovah has no son. All Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one God of Israel. What world religion denies that God has a son? Has a motive to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Has billions of dollars and has militant members in every western city right now in Jan of 2015? The only answer is Islam. The term “There inside the wire” is real and alive. The Islamic threat is thru out Europe and in the USA in rural areas as they grow in population unbeware of most Americans. By the time the Cogs realize that Rome is not the beast power it might be too late. The bible is very blunt in saying we must grow in grace and knowledge. The leader of France and the USA both speak carefully publicly that it is a few bad apples, which buys the Islamic take over of the world more time, to train and plan the final blow. It’s the boiling frog, or the Trojan horse, being put right before you daily and were so used to the terrorist attacks we have grown weary to their threat. We must study like the Bereans to find out if these things are true. don’t believe HWA, believe your bible, your family and friends are counting on you…

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