The Father the Only one who is Truly God

The Shining light blog in Italics expresses two god’s as biblical yet there is no scriptural reference to these claims, You decide!

The physical lamb represents the Creator becoming flesh (This would make two gods and the first commandment forbids worship of more than one God.)and giving his life for his bride, as the Lamb of God the Father.(Second god in the godhead) Taking the Passover symbols represents the Called Out bride committing herself to dedicated service to her Lord and espoused Husband. 

Abraham and The Passover

Abraham waited a lifetime for the birth of his beloved son of promise, Isaac!

Abraham loved Isaac with all his heart and Isaac returned that love, and they doted on each other and loved each other as only a father and beloved son can. This love between father and son became an allegory of the love between God the Father and his only begotten son;(Jesus could not of been begotten that would mean he didn’t exist!) and between Christ and his called out bride! 

The allegory deepens, as with their intense love, Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only beloved son of promise, in faithful obedience to God. (Which God the Lamb, or the one who created the Lamb, the lamb couldn’t create itself!)

Isaac was willing to obey his father Abraham to the very death, even as Christ obeyed his Father to the death, as an example that we are to obey our heavenly Father and our Husband with the same intensity!  

Isaac loved his father Abraham and Abraham loved God so passionately, and was so full of trust and faith, that he was willing to give up his beloved son; as God the Father would also give up his beloved son for humanity.( When did the father give up his son? When did the father have a son? Who was the mother?)

Why didn’t the God who stopped Abraham from killing his son just kill himself fall down from heaven instead of sitting up there stewing for two thousand years blaming his other God for condemning him 2000 years before his dark journey through some woman’s womb that he had no connection with and then instead of his other God showing mercy as he did to Abraham he went through with this terrible crucifixion that was 100 times worse that what Isaac had to face. The second god probably had to have some kind of memory wipe while he was resting in the womb waiting for his exit strategy trying to figure out how to act like a baby when he was the creator of the very womb in which he was hiding in. Brethren you have been asked to not believe in 3 god’s to only believe in two god’s I am asking you to believe that the above isn’t even godly, let alone scripture! But that is what you’ve been taught to believe and it just isn’t biblical.

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