Its the Law!

How do we know if were breaking the Law? Ever get a speeding ticket? The Officer who pulls you over usually says did you know you were speeding and right away you know what that means, you were breaking the law,  you were exceeding the limits the government put upon you, Ignorance of the law  does not exempt one from the penalty of the offense. this is often painful in financial or in jail time and causes one to re-evaluate one’s habits or governing principles, or moral commitment… Free society like the USA needs a moral people governing themselves. With the freedom that was paid for dearly by those who came before us was based on people watching and governing their own conduct. the founding principles were found in the bibles golden rule “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.” We would not steal from ourselves we would not harm ourselves, we would not hate ourselves, we would love others as ourselves. This goes a long way in a peaceful free society. When these laws of love are broken we see the results in our big cities as murder and chaos rule the day. Our new president wants to try to unravel years of lawlessness that have scourged these inner cities. Our prayers should be for their success and support of our government and its officials in this great tragedy that has denied so many of the basic law of liberty. So to think that the law was done away with is foolishness and to teach such is a receipt for disaster. Christians are to teach the law and live by every word of it.

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