Jesus Returning Soon In the Desert

    In the very near future Jesus will be returning in the Desert in Iraq. Could it be very close to the garden of Eden ? It is interesting to point out that  near the very Place the first Adam was created the second Adam would appear! !.5 billion people or so are awaiting this climatic world event. Most Christians are completely unaware of this epic event, in fact there will be a great falling away of Christians because of this event.

When the father created the first Adam he had instructed him in what he could and should not do. As we know he failed this command and sin entered into man. It would be 4 thousand years until the Father would create the second Adam and his Only begotten Son. This new-born baby would change the world, He would do what No man has done before or since! Not sin. He was an unblemished Lamb

IMG_0940 (2)Picture God at the top of this Mountain and the Man Jesus as the mediator

John 17:3 making intercession from earth to heaven via gondola car. The man Jesus the most miss understood person in the bible. Phil. 2: That being equal to God was not something to be grasped at. Like his predecessor Adam did by eating of the apple that he would be just like the father and the loyal angels knowing good and evil. Like Lucifer who being in the image of God thought it was his right to be equal or greater than his creator. By 325 AD Satan had destroyed Christianity except for a remnant of faithful followers. Now this god of this world devised his opposite counterfeit gospel read below



The Quran and the Bible put forth end-times narratives that are similar but opposite. The Bible’s antichrist, for instance, resembles Islam’s messiah while Muslims view the Jesus of the Bible as their antichrist or “Dajjal.” The Quran teaches that Jesus returns to earth but for a very different purpose – to “break the cross” and convert the world’s Christians to Islam.

Bible teacher Joel Richardson underscores the inverted end-time views of the two faiths in his New York Times-best-selling book, “The Islamic Antichrist,” and his documentary film

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