Should we compromise for peace? Or Divorce!

If we have to compromise our beliefs to have peace is that an option. Or is it better to divorce. Mark 10: 6  Jesus tells us that when the Father made them male and female he did not intend for there to be divorce, but because of the hardness of their heart Moses permitted  a man to  write a certificate of divorce. He follows in verse 11 who ever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery. So the penalty is harsh for not being able to work things out. If a Church group that’s been together for a period of time splits its like a divorce and it can be ugly. Our father in heaven wants us to humble ourselves and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of our calling. So splitting up can carry a heavy penalty just like a divorce. Matt 19: 8 latter part But From the beginning it was not So. The father did not want his children to have to suffer the consequences of Divorce either as a group or individually.

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