What’s wrong with our Churches?

 Simply their Incorporated, which means they follow corporate law not God’s Law. They hide behind bylaws and lawyers, two things that won’t be around in the Kingdom of God. The reason for this blog is so the true people of God can find out what there never going to hear in church. Churches have become to politically correct. God our creator and father wants us to be bold in his words, not pulling punches so people aren’t offended. The bible is offensive to most people. God’s word is rejected for evolution and from the atheist. Our society rejects God’s law for man’s law, corporate law. The churches of God have very little faith in God’s ability to correct bad leadership! God has appointed his son head of the church not some corporate body. Every Baptized person has the same holy spirit that the elders and ministers have! Use it or lose it. How could Jesus Christ straighten  out the mess in United church of God if we didn’t allow him. So we didn’t allow him to act, so we acted on his behalf and now we have a rebellion of a bunch of faithless ministers that didn’t believe that Christ could lead his church through this crisis. The men who rebelled against Christ authority split up families and church congregations just to have their way now regardless of the damage to families or congregations. God had no part in this. Yet the ugly divorce will have consequences for years to come. What about the kids, did anyone think about them? Why would they want to become members of such groups? Where is the shame that these men the Clyde Kyloughs Jim Franks the Les McCuloughs and all the other rebels of God’s church. Where is God in their plan? What about the people these and other paid ministers left behind? A captain that abandons his ship while others perish is punishable by death. In the Army and officer or enlisted man aka a deacon that leaves his post is punishable by death. These men have brought the death penalty upon themselves, pray that God will allow a repentance and these men will only lose their postions and will be accepted back into their congergations as lowly members stripped of there titles and duties that they may never harm the brethren again. So I ask whats wrong with churches! Men, vanity, position power, controlling others because they can’t control themselves.

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