All you need is

Forgiveness, help, someone who cares, friendship, a listoning ear, LOVE thats what John Lennon said but what ever happened to being about our fathers bussiness? If we are involved in preaching the Gospel of the coming kingdom of God, will this not provide all of the other missing dimensions of our lives? We liston to Rush Limbaugh and fox news and the world looks pretty bad! They don’t offer the solutions that are found in your bible. All mans problems from health to wealth are found in the bible the most complete and helpful resource in people ‘s lives. what a difference when you can come to understand the scriptures. The life lessons and the blessings and cursings the right and wrongs are endless, the sacrifices the forgiveness the healing the true love of God that he pours out on us is awe inspiring… Forget everything else you’ve ever read and just read your bible and see how your life will be transformed. Insperation is what its meant to be and its all free for the asking.

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