Wow 2011 a year to forget?

As of 11/15/11 we just went pass the 15 trillion debt owed in cash, not excluding the 100 or so trillion in future entitlements. With the media and Obama’s socialize America no matter what the cost. My Idea of  church and state is the core of issue. The government thru Franklin D Roosevelt  began this slush fund taxing the people without representation.  The United States is not washington and I don’t want to be taxed so other people can have a free ride on me. I don’t want to pay social security I don’t want to pay Property taxes either and I want to have a say in who gets paid what in local, state and federal Jobs. I don’t exist so others can use me without representation. Amercia the place where you take care of yourself and your self-interest around you. Lest we give into  the power of tyranny

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