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As we race towards spring in this ever so fast paced world, we must not forget to stop and smell the roses! We are a little over three weeks from the feast of the passover and the days of unleavened bread. This is where Jesus had his night to be remembered and his passover meal with his Disciples before he was betrayed by Judas that evening. It was a tuesday evening that the story picks up Luke 22:1- So late tuesday evening and into wednesday early morning Judas brings the chief priest and captains and the elders to take by force Jesus into custody. As you read on they took him before the high priest Caiaphas where he was falsely accused. Now it was wednesday morning and Jesus was being taken to Pilate and then Herod then back to Pilate which didn’t want to condem this man. For even the Roman was more compasionate than the religious leaders of the time. There evil was greater than there oppresors. Pilate then sentenced Jesus to be crucified and he died about the 9th hour 3 PM and Joesph of Arimthaea went to Pilate to secure the bible and to place it in the tomb before sundown the high sabbath and first day of unleavened bread. Now you need to read all four gospels to get all the details of the timing. For there were to sabbaths that week because it was the passover which preceeds the first day of unleavened bread which was a holy day. Matt 28:62 Now the next day which was (friday) the day of preparation for the weekly sabbath which would begin at sundown friday evening. John 20:1 The first day of the week (Sunday) cometh Mary Magdalene early when it was yet dark and saw the stone had been taken away from the tomb. So early sunday morning before it was light Jesus was already gone raised from the dead. The sign he gave them was the sign of Jonah and the whale which was three days and thre nights. So we know it was the 9 hour he died which we are calling 3:pm and we know that thre days from then would be 3:pm saturday afternoon, they were all keeping the sabbath and did not venture out to see the tomb until very early the next morning which was sunday and he was already resurected.This scenario is the only one that fits the biblical evidence. If it was friday crucifiction it would of been Monday at 3PM he would of risen but the bible says there were two sabbaths plus he was already risen before sunday morning. It is a eye opening study. Don’t believe your tradition believe your bible…

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